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A Brief Guide in Choosing a Pet Hotel

You have some options if you are going abroad and leaving your pet. One, you may leave him to a pet sitter, to a relative or to a pet hotel. Which option is the best? Pet sitters can be cheaper than a pet hotel but one can be inexperienced on how to handle your pet’s special needs. You may need to spend long hours training him before you go, making it so inconvenient for you.

On the other hand, leaving your pet to a relative can be the cheapest of all options, but just like a pet sitter, he may need training to be able to give that special care to your dog or cat. Why bother if you have the chance leave your pet in a licensed and reputable pet hotel in Singapore?

The Reasons of Choosing a Pet hotel

  1. Proper diet and physical activities. When you leave your pet with professionals, you can expect that he will be given the right nutrition and be trained with proper exercise and physical activities. They can offer an exercise time for your pet, allowing him to stay healthy while you’re away.
  2. Safety. If you would leave your pet in a boarding facility, your pet will always be safe, as he is unlikely to escape and to stroll around the roads and streets that will compromise his safety.
  3. Convenience. A reputable pet hotel has all the facilities and amenities that will allow your dog to live a convenient life while away from his home. Here, he would not feel alone and bored, as the facility can offer him recreational and healthy activities together with a well trained and licensed staff to attend to all his needs.
  4. Competitive rates. The best pet hotels can offer you a competitive boarding solution that will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you would deal with an established pet hotel, you can look forward to more affordable rates, as these hotels do not have to spend high on advertising because they are known in the business.


How to Choose the Right Pet hotel in Singapore

  1. Ask about the services that are included in the fees.
  2. Can they provide any other services that your pet may require, based on his special needs such as health condition, feeding requirements and others?
  3. Can they offer vaccination, and which are those?
  4. Can they keep your pet safe all the time, away from any dangers and risks?
  5. Can they provide daily exercises or physical activities to your pet? How long each activity does lasts?

There you have a brief guide about the reasons to leave your pet in pet hotels as well as how to choose the right one. To come up with the right choice, spend some time in research and comparing several pet hotels, where you can entrust your pet while you’re away.